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The characteristics of "Yopso" Lava stone :

Lava is the only natural stone which can be enamelled

and resist to firing at nearly 1000°C.

Silica contained in the stone, the slip and the enamels allows a fusion during

the firing, colors are revealed and the enamelled stones becomes extremely

resistant and suitable for a multitude of applications because :

it is insensitive to UV

the colors are unalterable over time

it is resistant to household products including acids

it is frost proof

it is scratch resistant

it is very easy to maintain and retains very little bacteria

it can be shaped and manufactured without difficulty.

It allows an infinity of colors and finishes.

Below discover the three volcanic stones of the Auvergne which I use,

differents textures and finishes, and some examples of colors.

But note that even after 2960 samples to date, I create new ones each week !

The cuts and the assembling, the pieces of the stone can measure up

to 2m50 x 1m50 in one all piece, and are cut by machine which are numerically

controlled and which guarantee a perfect fit when they are installed.

The different lavas used :

Volvic lava

Mont-Dore lava

Chambois lava

Non-exhaustive examples of textures

Gris satiné
Turquoise brillant
Gris métallisé
Rouge à effets porphyres
Transparent brillant sur couverte minérale
Métallisé à effet pailleté
Rouge craquelé
couverte sur engobe blanche
Blanc satiné faïencé
Contraste brillant satiné
Finition brute émail satiné
Bleu roi satiné
Bleu brillant
Finition grain de lave satiné
Bleu à effets
Grain de lave coloré transparent
Brut régulier
Grain de lave gris/brun
Vert semi opaque
Rose nuagé
Rouge magma
Satiné engobe grise

All colors can be made to measure

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